Our Vision

Vision and Values

The purpose of the RNLI is very clear – to save lives at sea. The RNLI’s Vision is to be recognised universally as the most effective, innovative and dependable lifeboat and lifeguard service.

The values below set out how this will be achieved. In all we do or say, we will:

  • recognise the courage, commitment and humanity of our crews
  • strive to maintain our volunteer ethos
  • harness staff professionalism and expertise in support of our volunteers
  • seek the highest standards
  • maintain our independence and build the trust of the public
  • encourage open and effective communication

The Volunteer Ethos

The RNLI is largely a volunteer organisation. Many thousands of people give their time, skill and commitment so that the RNLI can achieve its purpose of saving lives at sea.

It is because of the willingness of RNLI volunteers that such as high proportion of the RNLI’s money can be spent on the first-class lifeboats and equipment, not on salaries.

The RNLI sets great store by the voluntary spirit of the whole institution and would resist any change to this.

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