Welcome to the Guildford branch of the RNLI

RNLI boatThe Guildford branch of the RNLI is one of the 1,300 fundraising branches throughout the country. Its objective is to generate money for the RNLI.

Like many branches over the past few years it has struggled. It dropped down to 4 committee members and nearly closed in 2007 but survived and has now rebuilt itself with 10 active committee members.

Help out at the Guildford branch of the RNLIB R A N C H  H E L P  N E E D E D
Are you local to Guildford area ?
Can you spare a few hours each month ?
Why not volunteer as a helper at one of our collection events listed on our events page
Recruitment is the priority throughout the SW Surrey Group of branches as without the resources none of the branches can increase the amount of money they raise for the RNLI. Any help would be appreciated and if you have experience in asking the public for donations at our collection days or perhaps organising our local events then that would be superb.
Please contact Anne Langridge on 01483 825949 or use the joining form of this website to find out more about ways you can help. If we had just a handful more of volunteers for our collections it would help share this activity between us and we could potentially raise a lot more money for the RNLI!

Latest Guildford Branch News

COVID-19 Update – 11th June 2020

There are currently no branch events planned. Hopefully this will start to change in the next month or two, depending on government advice.

(Updated: 4th Feb 2020)

Annual Bridge Lunch – 23rd January

Our annual Bridge Lunch, held at Papercourt Sailing Club on Thursday 23 January was an enormous success enjoyed by everyone. The net contribution to the RNLI totalled £1,754.42 which will be of great help to the RNLI in Saving Lives at Sea. Our grateful thanks to all those who contributed to the day including the cooks and especially to our magnificent hard-working chef without whom the day would not have been possible.

Events to come:

Sorry, this event has had to be cancelled because of the COVID-19 crisis.

28th March 2020 – Guildford Town Collection with 2 RIBS: 1 located outside Holy Trinity Church and 1 at the bottom of North Street on the Rotunda.

See our events page for the current programme of future events.

If you are a local business and would like to sponsor an event then please do get in touch.

About the BBC’s RNLI Series

Help Us !

We are looking for the following people :-

1. Collectors

We currently have three collections a year which last year raised £4,035.46, 33% of the net total of £11,019.84 from all our events.

At all the two day supermarket collections we need 44 collectors and at our Flag Day Town Centre Collection we need 60+ collectors.

All we ask is that you are prepared to spend one hour once, twice or three times a year collecting. Collecting for the RNLI is not difficult as it has the highest unprompted awareness of any charity in the country and many supermarket shoppers are very happy to give money to the RNLI. See our events page for more details.

If you are prepared to help, even just once, click here to send us your details.

2. Helpers at Events.

We have an increasing number of events. Some, like the Bridge Lunch or Bridge Tea, have a catering requirement. We need more people to cook cottage pies, make cakes, scones and sandwiches or help prepare and serve food at these events, once or twice a year at other events including our Jazz evening.

All we would ask you to do is to help at one event a year. If you are happy to help at more than one that would be great.

If you are prepared to help click here to send us your details.

3. ‘Friends’

‘Friends’ are those who do more than just collect. If you are prepared to help in other ways, writing to people, telephoning people, trying to find raffle prizes or any of the small things we need to do for the branch and for the events and collections we run.

If you are prepared to help click here to send us your details. Any help, however little, would be very welcome.

4. Committee Members

We are always looking for new Committee Members who would be willing to contribute to the running of Guildford branch.

Many people as they approach retirement or after retirement when something they have done changes, look for something worthwhile to do. If you are one of these, click here to send us your details.

So, if you feel you can help in any of these ways, please click here or come along to one of our events listed on our events page and talk to us about what you can do.


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